Ecological Conversion

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The Pedro Arrupe Institute, following the direction set by Pope Francis in his encyclical ‘Laudato Si’, has begun a campaign of ecological conversion, so as to inform, motivate and commit us to take care of our common home.

This page is dedicated to publishing and informing on all topics related to ecology; we hope that this information will help us in our journey of conversion and in learning about the resources available to protect our environment and to help future generations inherit an earth without the environmental degradation that exists today.


  Personal actions that I can take
  • Plant trees and use renewable energy sources.
  • Recycle your garbage and pick up items at beaches and public places.
  • Use your own bags for shopping.
  • Avoid buying items in plastic containers and wraps.
  • Turn lights off when not being used.
  • Use public transportation or share vehicles.
  • Eat more vegetables and less meat.
  • Save water

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